April 30, 2024

Help Denver Plan(t) for the Future!

Help Denver Plan(t) for the Future!

Trees are critical to Denver’s environmental health. They improve air quality, assist in stormwater management and help combat climate change. For the past year, Denver Parks and Recreation and the Office of the City Forester have made significant progress in creating a greener and cooler community here in Denver as they developed the city’s first Urban Forest Strategic Plan.


The urban forest encompasses all trees within the city, both on public and private property. The purpose of the Urban Forest Strategic Plan is to:

  • Refine existing tree canopy goals
  • Identify new goals
  • Provide a common and equitable vision for the future of the urban forest in Denver


To complete the plan, we needed support and input from Denver residents, organizations, businesses and community groups. And you did not disappoint! We surveyed thousands of residents, conducted focus groups and held public meetings to learn from, and listen to, residents needs and wants. Thank you to all who contributed in some way during the past year.


A draft of the city’s Urban Forest Strategic Plan is now complete, and we encourage the public to provide comment on the recommendations being made. You can review the plan and report here: https://tinyurl.com/c3ubt49m


Upon review, please consider sharing your feedback through a short online survey. The survey is available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.





Public comment will be accepted through Friday, May 10, 2024.