April 9, 2024

Denver South Giving Grocery

The Denver South Giving Grocery is a food pantry providing fresh and nutritious food to over 200 South High School students and their families weekly. They are seeing more students with a greater need than ever and could use the support of the entire community. Please learn more about the program and consider making a tax-deductible donation here


The Denver South Giving Grocery has been serving the students of South High School for over ten years. Although its original mission was to provide food to students in South's Newcomer Program, the Giving Grocery has expanded its food pantry program to serve over200 South students every week. The program focuses on local, nutritious, and culturally significant foods and encourages students to take home enough fresh produce, milk, eggs, meat, bread, and pantry staples for their whole family, completely free of charge. In addition, there is now a personal care section featuring laundry detergent, shampoo, toilet paper, and more. 


The need for the Giving Grocery is greater than ever due to expired COVID-era SNAP benefits, soaring food prices, and an influx of new refugee and immigrant students, known as Newcomers. These students arrive from all over the world and are invited, along with any other South student who needs food, to "shop" every Thursday after school during the academic year. This increased need comes at a time when the future of the program's funding is uncertain. Recently, the Giving Grocery received word that one of its largest grants will not be available next schoolyear, leaving a gap of over $100,000. 

The Giving Grocery has no paid staff and relies on amazing volunteers, who are a combination of current and former South parents and neighbors. A collaboration with the supportive South staff and PTSA is also critical to its success, but the Giving Grocery must raise all of its own funds to meet the needs of South's most vulnerable students. To learn more or make a tax deductible donation, please visit www.thegivinggrocery.org.