April 30, 2024

Denver Police Dept District 3 News/Updates

PLEASE VOTE for Denver Police District 3 OFFICER OF THE MONTH!  

PLEASE VOTE for Denver Police District 3 OFFICER OF THE MONTH!  

Officer of the Month Nominations are chosen by review of daily, weekly and monthly District 3 Command staff notes, highlighting significant officer interactions on calls for service.  During these reviews, and unsolicited, command staff make note of exceptional policework.  At the end of each month command staff decides to select three officer interactions they feel are most worthy of positive recognition. These are the 3 nominations you see each month, being nominated for officer of the month.

Please share with your neighbors and let them know they can vote too! All DPD District3 community members are encouraged to vote! One vote per household please. To vote, reply to this email (christie.mochoruk@denvergov.org) with "Nomination1" or "Nomination 2" or "Nomination 3".  Please vote for only ONE nomination.  All votes must be received by April 25th,2024 - Thank you for participating!  

Nomination#1: Corporal Morehead

On04-26-24, Dispatch received a call on a possible Kidnapping/Felony Menacing at35th and Monaco. A caller related her friend was just dragged into a car against her will by her boyfriend at gunpoint and was now driving southbound on Monaco. The caller was following and giving updates to Dispatch. Dist. 2officers were never able to get close and went back to their District after all parties were now in Dist3.  Corporal Morehead took control of the call and his thorough investigation revealed that the suspect was likely heading to an address near Iliff and Monaco. Morehead consulted with DOMV Detectives, and after extensive investigation discovered that the suspect and victim were inside her apartment. Cpl. Morehead and cover officers did a knock and talk an arrested the suspect without incident. The suspect also had an Aggravated Assault warrant from Weld County and was taken to PADF for processing.


Nomination#2: Ofc Garcia, Ofc. Ingram, Ofc Martinez, Ofc Ahlstrom, Cpl. Padilla, and Cpl. Reyes

On4-29-24 Officers responded to the area of 5151 E Yale Cir on an Auto Theft in Progress.  Officers got a visual on the suspect who immediately fled on foot.  Officers then searched the area and located the suspect in a nearby vacant apartment.  The suspect had barricaded the door with a refrigerator and was reported to be armed with a knife.  Ofc. Ingram took charge and slowed things down to formulate a tactical response.  Ultimately Officers were able to push the door open, and the suspect attempted to jump off the 3rdstory balcony to flee.  Numerous Officers pursued the suspect to the balcony where the suspect was hanging off and in danger of falling.  Ofc Garcia then grabbed onto the suspect’s wrist as he was hanging 3 stories above the concrete.  Ofc Garcia kept the suspect from falling saving him from serious bodily injury or death.  Ofc Ingram, Ofc Martinez, Ofc Ahlstrom, Cpl. Padilla, and Cpl. Reyes then helped pull the suspect back over the balcony as he actively continued fight and try to escape.  The suspect was then placed on the ground and handcuffed.  The suspect was arrested and found to have an active warrant for Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft. 


Nomination#3: Sgt. Rajala and Cpl. Gorham

On04-07-24, Officers responded to 2001 S Colorado Blvd (Conoco) on a burglary in progress. While en-route, dispatch aired that the suspect was still inside armed with a knife. Sgt. Rajala and Cpl. Gorham quickly arrived and contacted several witnesses outside of the business who were pointing to the suspect who was still inside the store. The suspect had forced his way into the store by throwing a rock through the front glass door. The store manager was on scene and gave them a key to safely enter the store. Once inside, Sgt. Rajala ordered the suspect to the ground, and together they were able to take the suspect into custody without incident.  The suspect was ultimately charged with 2ndDegree Burglary.



Denver Police Warn of Scams Involving Cryptocurrency ATMs

Denver– Thursday, April 25, 2024 –The Denver Police Department has seen a recent trend involving scammers and cryptocurrency ATMs that is a red flag for avoiding scams. The patterns, stories and methods used by scammers remain fairly consistent, but the way they receive and steal victims’ money continues to change. The recent trend in scams involves the scammer calling the victim and claiming they have an outstanding warrant and need to pay a stated dollar amount in order to get the warrant cleared, but instead of telling the victim to do a wire transfer of funds or to purchase and deliver gift cards/pre-paid debit cards, the scammers are now asking victims to pay utilizing cryptocurrency ATMs.

Ina recent example in Denver, the victim explained that she got a call from the suspect who claimed to be a Denver Police officer. The suspect alleged that the victim missed court the previous day and now had a warrant for her arrest. The suspect then told the victim she needed to pay thousands of dollars for bail or she would be booked into jail for up to 72hours. She was instructed to go to a nearby laundromat and use the crypto currency option on the self-service banking kiosk to deposit the “bail” money. She initially sent the requested amount and was then told by the suspect she would need to send several thousand dollars more. After doing so, she was then told by the suspect that this was inaccurate, and she would need to send more money and that the first deposit would be sent back to her via cashier’s check. In total, the victim lost just under $14,000 before learning that this was a scam.

Important points for everyone to remember regarding these types of scams:

  • Law enforcement agencies do not clear warrants or bonds over the phone.
  • Warrants are not paid over the phone with gift cards, wire transfers, ATM deposits, prepaid debit cards or cryptocurrency deposits.
  • Law enforcement agencies will not call you to tell you that you have a warrant or ask you for money directly.
  • If you get a call from someone claiming you are wanted and that you can simply wire transfer funds, make a deposit at an ATM or cryptocurrency kiosk, or buy gift cards or prepaid debit cards and provide them with the redemption codes to clear the warrant, hang up -- it's a scam.
  • After hanging up on the caller, report the scam to your local law enforcement agency.  In Denver, call (720) 913-2000 and press 2, or file a complaint with The Colorado Attorney General's Office at https://coag.gov/file-complaint/scams/. Additional tips and resources can also be found on this webpage.
  • If anyone suspects they have a Denver warrant, they can call 720-337-0464 to verify.



With the warmer weather often comes an increase in door to door sales pitches for various home improvement services. From landscaping to roofing, however convincing the offers seem, not all of these salespeople are legitimate. Just this week, your Denver Police Department has received four separate, but possibly related, reports of roofing companies failing to complete work, while collecting thousands of dollars from the victims. In each circumstance, the victims, who are all senior residents, provided the suspects with several payments, only to be left with demolished roofs and unfinished projects. 

If you believe you are the victim of this scam, please contact Denver Police, or your local law enforcement agency, to file a report. 

If you are looking for contractors to help you tackle those home improvement projects, make sure to verify the roofer's license and insurance by contacting your local city/municipality building department, or local licensing board. You should also ask for referrals and do as much research on the company as you can. It’s also wise to get multiple offers. And in addition to getting a written contract, make sure to look out for these red flags before signing anything: 

 • Scammers will often peddle roofing, paving and other repair work door-to-door. 

 • Scammers often drive new pick-up trucks, often with out-of-state license plates. 

 • Scammers often prey on the elderly using friendly, but high-pressure tactics. 

 • Scammers may say they have material left over from a previous job, or insist they did work for you or a neighbor before. • Scammers will ask you to get the required building permits. 

 • Scammers will often quote bargain prices, but demand much more after the job is complete, if they complete it at all.


Denver Police Summer Teen Volunteer Program - The Denver Police Department is looking for teens who are interested in volunteering during the summer, working alongside Denver Police Officers and Staff for the betterment of the City and County of Denver. Applications due May 8th. Flier attached


Wednesday, June 5th at 6pm Community Meeting with Commander Bell (CAB)

 at the District 3 Station 1625 S. University Blvd. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate! Community Resource Officers are available at 5pm to answer your questions prior to the meeting. Hosted by Commander Bell and our DPD District 3 Law Enforcement Leadership (CAB).  Learn about crime stats and trends that affect our local neighborhoods.  Questions and comments can be asked at the end of this meeting. *2024 Meeting Schedule – April 3rd, May 1st, June 5th, July 10th, Sept. 11th, Oct 2nd, November 6th, and Dec 4th (dates subject to change) 



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