January 30, 2023

ADUs in Denver

According to the city of Denver, in 2019, the Denver City Council adopted Blueprint Denver, a citywide land use plan that was developed based on public input. Thousands of residents helped create the policy recommendations in Blueprint Denver, which includes specific recommendations regarding ADUs:

  • that barriers to ADU construction be removed,
  • that zoning rules be reviewed and adjusted so ADUs fit into a variety of neighborhood contexts.

ADUs can be a great way to increase affordable housing options, keep families living on the same property, and add gentle density to a neighborhood.

To learn more about this initiative and attend an open house forum, click here.

WPENA and the zoning committee worked closely with the city to develop our survey so that we can hear your thoughts, if you haven’t taken the survey yet, there is still time. In just a few minutes you can take the online survey here.